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Kung Fu Senata
Land of the Lost
I Love You, Man

The Break-Up

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When I saw the picture of Carona posted above, I HAD to turn him into KungFu Panda.

Didn't like the real movie poster (couldn't see the faces) so I made my own. No legislators in the poster (a first!) but isn't that better anyway?

No, not implying anything here.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

It's affecting the whole Republican family. It's always toughest on the little ones.
Quantum of Straus
Chubdog Millionaire


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Too Chill to Kill Bills. He's new but he ain't broken-in.

Thought about putting a gavel in his hand but the gun is cooler. And would have been more effective on the floor.

New catchphrase is born: CHUBDOGS!

Not sure who's a millionaire but the name fits.

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