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Rick's Speech
In Session

Susie in Blunderland

In Session
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What can I say? There had to be a follow-up to 2007's Dewrat.

This one may FINALLY push Dewey over the edge with me.

I meant this to be a mockery of his zeal for the White House . . . but I think I made him look too good.

Nothing says altered reality than the 140 days of the Texas Legislative Session. Everything gets turned upside down.

This one seemed a natural because the Tall Lady seems to be in her own lost world these days. Note the server at the top of the stairs. Is that a pink slip on the ground?



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This is a concept directly from Steve Ogden's ego. Nothing else to be said.

The Republican candidates for U.S. Senate are so numerous they seemed a natural fit for this poster. Both the movie and the candidates are to be avoided.

*And this is the best Dewhurst will ever look. Dig the goatee.

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